Floral garden colouring books created in Australia.

Lavender Floral Garden Colouring


Created with love and care in Australia.

All sketches and illustrations are 100% uniquely designed using my own reference photos.

  • Delicate styling
  • Realistic floral illustrations
  • Mandala style borders for simplicity
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind sketches
  • Reference photos available to help your process – Click Here


Floral Garden Colouring has been created by author, artist and illustrator Christine Turley

Christine specialises in floral illustrations and painting. Her pieces have a soft, delicate and vibrant feel to them. Often using soft blends and bright colours.

Sample – floral garden

Floral Garden Colouring Book

$9.99 (USD) available through Amazon.com


“I and one of my children love the drawings that Chrissy creates. In general we don’t have much in common but he absolutely loves colouring alongside me. Chrissy has always been friendly, offered advice and help with products as we are newbies to the art world. For something that I’ve always felt was beyond my reach, she’s made art accessible to us x”

– Jade